Education Choice

GOAL: Implementing an education system that sets our kids up to be leaders in our global economy and takes them from the bottom rungs of the ladder and gives them a path to the top.

In 2013, The Annie E. Casey Foundation ranked West Virginia at 47th in the nation in education.

According to the study:

  • Nearly three out of four West Virginia 4th graders are not proficient in reading
  • Nearly four out of five of West Virginia’s 8th graders are not proficient at math
  • Nearly two out of three of the state’s three and four-year olds are not enrolled in pre-school programs
  • Arizona, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Nevada join us at the bottom of the country’s education rankings

These performance results do not coincide with the money spent in our education.  According to Governing Magazine’s most recent compilation on education spending (FY11), West Virginia ranks 15th in the country in per pupil spending (at $11,846 per pupil).  Clearly, higher spending does not correspond with higher test scores. West Virginia cannot afford to throw more money at the issue and expect it to change.


Education Efficiency Audit of West Virginia’s Primary and Secondary Education System” commissioned by Governor Tomblin was delivered on January 3, 2012.