Economic Competitiveness

GOAL: We must remove the hurdles and barriers to business that only serve to drive business out of this state and drive up the costs of goods and services on our businesses and families.  We must make our state a competitive and desirable place for innovators, educators, retailers, manufacturers, families and others alike to choose West Virginia over the many other options they have.

Our state has so much to offer our citizens, visitors and future citizens alike.  We have abundant natural resources that supply our national (and international) energy markets.  We have outdoor recreational assets that draw visitors from around the world and are like nowhere else in the country.  We have a culture that believes in personal responsibility, an honest day’s work and the desire to raise our families in safe communities.

Unfortunately, certain barriers of entry to our state overshadow these resources, assets and values.  Along with much needed tax reform our state needs to change our judicial system and impart judicial fairness.  In its 2013-2014 report, the American Tort Reform Association listed West Virginia among its six “judicial hellholes.” 

Suffice it to say, we only have upwards to go with a dubious distinction such as this.  We must enact laws that protect against frivolous lawsuits and out of control awards that also keep the rights and safety of individuals in tact.  Unfortunately, this state has been held hostage by its trial bar and the fear tactics they foster in light of any attempts to make our judicial system fairer.  We will work to change this.