Bill Maloney

Over his career in the drilling business, Bill Maloney has been a co-founder and executive at North American Drillers, North American Pump and Supply Co., and Shaft Drillers International (SDI). He grew SDI from a two-person business in 1984 to become the world-leader in large-diameter shaft drilling for mining and other industries. In 2010, Bill and a company he co-founded, Center Rock, Inc, were the driving force in the successful rescue of 33 trapped miners in Chile. Currently, Bill is the principal of Cow Run Energy LLC and Drill Leader LLC. Bill is a graduate of Lehigh University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He and his wife Sharon of 34 years have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. Bill was the Republican candidate for Governor of West Virginia in an October 2011 special election and also in 2012.