Education Choice for All Children in the Mountain State

What’s an ESA?

In a word, education savings accounts (ESA) are all about flexibility! The newest and most innovative form of education choice, ESA’s are restricted-use accounts into which the state places a portion of the money it would’ve spent on a student’s public – school education. An ESA allows money to follow the student!

ESA’s allow parents to tailor their individual student’s education while ensuring that tax dollars allotted for education funding are being used for that purpose.

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Why Does West Virginia Need Them?

  • West Virginia spends a bunch of money and doesn’t get enough in return.
    • Over $12,000 a year per-pupil on education.
    • 16th in the nation for spending.
    • That’s 44 percent of West Virginia’s entire general revenue budget is spent on education!
  • West Virginia’s National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores are lagging behind other states.

How They Work in Other States

The nation’s first ESA program was implemented in Arizona in 2011. Since then, five additional states have passed ESA laws: Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Nevada

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