Don’t Stop at Police Reform

When voices on both the right and the left agree on something in the battleground of American politics, we all ought to sit up and pay attention. Right now, in the chaos of protests and calls for police reform, America is waking up to the problem of… Read More

Our Efforts Will Continue

By the time you read this, it is possible that the outcome of West Virginia’s special legislative session dedicated to education reform has been determined. As you are likely aware, on Monday, June 17, the House of Delegates has begun its portion of the special session — the Senate has… Read More

Public Schools: Starved or Stuffed?

In 2018, long-simmering frustrations regarding wages, working conditions, and general funding boiled over into a wave of teachers’ strikes, beginning in our home state of West Virginia and spreading throughout the country to Oklahoma, Arizona, and Colorado. The trend continued in 2019 in the Los Ang… Read More

The Four Pillars of a Miracle

This week our Executive Director is going to walk you through the Four Pillars of a Miracle! These are our guiding principles at the Cardinal Institute that help us determine the policies we advocate for as we work toward a brighter future in West Virginia.   Four Pillars of… Read More

An Ode to the Status Quo

Ohhhhh… Status QuooOOooOO Why do the people of West Virginia seem to love you sooOOooOO?       The past 50 days in West Virginia have put a spotlight on something of a disturbing trend. Namely, that the powers that be in the Mountain State… Read More