Three Economic Proposals That are Better for Rural America Than Pete Buttigieg’s Plan

More money, subsidies, and government – oh my! Earlier this month, Democratic Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg released his plan for rural economic development. And, as readers of this blog might expect, his plan is nothing new under the sun. Buttigieg calls for paid family leave, additional farm… Read More

Green Spaces and Brown M&Ms

In debates about how to entice people to move to West Virginia’s respective cities, the claim is often made that we need to invest in more green spaces, more parks, more arts, and the like. It’s true, people enjoy these amenities. But these alone are not what draw people… Read More

The Four Pillars of a Miracle

This week our Executive Director is going to walk you through the Four Pillars of a Miracle! These are our guiding principles at the Cardinal Institute that help us determine the policies we advocate for as we work toward a brighter future in West Virginia.   Four Pillars of… Read More

Voice and Exit

Where given institutions fail to satisfy the wants or needs of those living under them, there are two options for expressing dissatisfaction: voice and exit.               In West Virginia, the argument can be made time and again that public education institution… Read More

5 New Year’s Resolutions for West Virginia

In some ways, this list is a wish list as much as it is a list of resolutions. As many of you know, West Virginia hasn’t been prosperous in any meaningful sense of the word for a very, very long time. The state has many hurdles it must overcome… Read More