Why We Care About Education Choice

At the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy, people often ask us why we care about the education system and what we stand to gain from making changes to it.   Obviously, some people ask questions like this simply because they disagree with our values as an organization and feel… Read More

Public Schools: Starved or Stuffed?

In 2018, long-simmering frustrations regarding wages, working conditions, and general funding boiled over into a wave of teachers’ strikes, beginning in our home state of West Virginia and spreading throughout the country to Oklahoma, Arizona, and Colorado. The trend continued in 2019 in the Los Ang… Read More

The Gender Pay Gap

Last week the world observed Gender Pay Gap Day, so this week on the Cardinal blog, our economist, Dr. Jessi Troyan will be discussing her perspective on the existence, or lack thereof, of a Gender Pay Gap.   Seventy-seven cents on the dollar.   That’s the statistic publicized by President… Read More

The Four Pillars of a Miracle

This week our Executive Director is going to walk you through the Four Pillars of a Miracle! These are our guiding principles at the Cardinal Institute that help us determine the policies we advocate for as we work toward a brighter future in West Virginia.   Four Pillars of… Read More

Permission Slips Aren’t Just For School Field Trips Anymore

Permission slips: most students remember taking one of these home for their parents to sign so they could go on a field trip, participate in a school activity, or perhaps watch a PG13 movie in the classroom. But did you know that permission slips aren’t just for field trips anymore?… Read More

5 New Year’s Resolutions for West Virginia

In some ways, this list is a wish list as much as it is a list of resolutions. As many of you know, West Virginia hasn’t been prosperous in any meaningful sense of the word for a very, very long time. The state has many hurdles it must overcome… Read More