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what public policy reforms are needed next for families in WV?

What Public Policy Reforms Are Next?

Big Wins In K-12 Public Policy, But What’s Next? There is little doubt that West Virginia’s public policy problems are legion. They have built up over the last several decades. First and foremost among said problems was a lack of options in the state’s calcified K-12 education system. With… Read More
Addiction recovery is hard enough, let's not make it worse

Addiction Recovery is Tough, WV Shouldn’t Make It Tougher

Addiction Recovery in West Virginia Addiction stinks: it drains individuals, families, and entire communities. We have lost thousands to this plague, but there has been hope in those who have overcome it. If Mountaineers are ever to overcome this horror, the focus should be on getting more people in… Read More
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Why Are Taxes So Hard To Do?

Why Are Taxes So Hard? As tax season winds down and you’re deep in your last-minute filing, you’ve probably caught yourself thinking, “why are taxes so stinkin’ hard?!”   No doubt, I’ve sat in front of my computer on late nights trying to figure this all out. More than once,… Read More
Becky Griffin shares here experiences with ESAs as a teacher

School Choice Stories: Becky Griffin

  “I’m a native of Arizona and I grew up in Arizona public education. I love this state. I was a huge public education advocate for years. When I raised my own kids, I started to take a more active role and visited hundreds of classrooms, then I started… Read More
2020 Census Results show why people are leaving West Virginia

2020 Census Results Show That Americans Vote With Their Feet

2020 United States Census Results On Monday, the United States Census released results of the 2020 apportionment count. The results revealed what West Virginia had forecasted for months: We will lose a Congressional seat.   This trend has continued for nearly 60 years in West Virginia,. The Mou… Read More
Kids Imagine New Future in WV

Hope for the Future of West Virginia

West Virginia Needs More Hope West Virginia has always had one big problem. We don’t have enough opportunity for everyone that needs it. No matter if it is agriculture or mining, there has yet to be an answer for the future of the Mountain State. Fortunately, the Hope Scholarship offers… Read More
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Occupational Licensing Is A Criminal Justice Issue

Licensing and Justice Occupational licensing is a criminal justice issue. Aggressive legal strategies have left many individuals incarcerated. Once they’ve served their time, they attempt to re-enter the workforce. Regardless of any changes an individual has made in their personal life, occupa… Read More
Restaurants need better regulations going forward

Restaurants Need Reasonable Regulations

COVID Hit Restaurants Hard 2020 was a year full of struggle for every American. Job losses, constant worries about health and wealth, and isolation generally made this year one we all want to forget. But while we are doing that, we should make sure that we don’t forget… Read More
The Hope Scholarship for students is not a voucher.

Hope is not a Voucher

West Virginia just made history by passing the broadest school choice program in the nation – the Hope Scholarship program. Time will be the judge of our grand experiment. However, one thing already needs to be cleared up about this program. It’s not a voucher.   Is the Hope Scholarship… Read More
Universal occupational licensing recognition allows people to pursue happiness

Universal Occupational Licensing Recognition Promotes Worker Freedom

On this blog we’ve written about occupational licensing reform before. For workers to freely pursue happiness, we need to reduce the red tape that stands in their way. Over the next few weeks, we’ll discuss a few options to remove those barriers to work. Today, I’d like to… Read More