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School Fair in Wheeling!

National School Choice Week 2022 Events

Find your perfect school at the School Fair!… Read More
Insulin & Blood Testing for Diabetes

Insulin Price Caps Are a Bad Idea

The Inflation Reduction Act Creates Insulin Price Caps The “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” is Washington’s latest attempt to fix problems it created. On Sunday, the Senate approved a package to combat climate change, lower healthcare costs, raise taxes, and, hopefully, reduce the federal deficit. Read More
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Hope Scholarship Lawsuit: What’s Happened So Far

The Hope Scholarship Lawsuit So Far As families try to navigate their options, it is important that they understand the legal proceedings surrounding the Hope Scholarship. This post won’t go into great detail about the parties who brought the lawsuit. You can read more about them in my… Read More
new charter schools opening in WV

Are Charter Schools Affected by the Hope Scholarship Lawsuit?

Education Battles in the News Recently, West Virginia’s news headlines have been filled to the brim with stories related to education reform and the concomitant legal battles: “Case challenging public funding for private education goes to court,” “Lawsuit aims to repeal WV Hope Scholarship… Read More
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School Choice: A Very Brief History

School Choice Isn’t New The idea and practice of school choice has been around for more than 150 years.    In fact, the Founding Fathers asserted that the success of American democracy would depend on the proficiency of our citizens. They… Read More
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School Funding in West Virginia: Exposing False Messages

Misleading Messages in the Media Thousands of West Virginia families are eagerly preparing to attend one of the state’s four new charter schools or use the Hope Scholarship for their child. Despite the progress our state has made in education freedom, misinformation about school funding is running r… Read More
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Inflation: What Is It? How Did We Get Here?

Prices Are Rising. Blame Inflation. With every trip to the store or browse through the fabled Amazon wish list, the higher prices remind us of the struggles that come with recent inflation.    But what is inflation? — Aside from a major pain in the wallet. … Read More
free speech at wv colleges is hampered by speech codes

Free Speech Imperiled by Campus Speech Codes in West Virginia

New Research Highlights Free Speech Violations on WV Campuses An analysis of speech restrictions at West Virginia’s four-year colleges and universities has shown widespread violations of free speech. The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), where I worked for five years, found clo… Read More
Kanawha River

5 Ways WV Can Spend Its COVID Relief Funds

All the Money in the World and No Place to Spend It? Between COVID relief funds and budget surpluses, West Virginia is flush with cash, perhaps to an extent unlike any time in its history. The prudent question must be how the state will spend –… Read More
Energy Costs Are the Result of Bad Policy

Rising Gas Prices Are the Result of Bad Energy Policy

Gas Prices Are Rising Across the Nation As of May 19th, all 50 states had a retail price for gas over $4 a gallon. According to AAA, Oklahoma provided the cheapest gas to Americans at $4.03 per gallon, while… Read More
Kids Imagine New Future in WV

Hope Scholarship Rules Provide a Strong Foundation

Hope Scholarship Rules Are a Good Start On April 18, 2022, the Hope Scholarship Board passed an amended version of the rules to govern the Hope Scholarship. These rules are governing the program as emergency rules, pending final approval by the state legislature. These rules are not perfect but they… Read More