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new charter schools opening in WV

Charter Schools: A New Day is Dawning in West Virginia 

On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, West Virginia officially approved the first three charter schools in its history. Schools will open in the Nitro, Morgantown, and Eastern Panhandle areas of West Virginia. While it is much too early to know whether these schools will be successful – that’s up to… Read More
Thank you Mom!

Thanks to Parents Who Made Education Choice Possible Before it Was Real

Here’s to the parents who made education choice possible before it really was there A little more than 18 years ago, I was wrapping up middle school and getting ready to start high school. At the time, I was supposed to go to Herbert Hoover High School near Clendenin. My… Read More
We explain how the Hope Scholarship can help your family.

How Does the Hope Scholarship Work?

Introduction In August of this year, I moved from Northern Virginia to Charleston. I had accepted the position of Education Outreach Coordinator with the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy. My job is to promote the Hope Scholarship in West Virginia. During my two months on the job, I have… Read More
Insurance Coverage won't solve our health care problems.

Insurance Coverage Isn’t the Solution

Improve Quality & Access – Not Insurance Coverage Rising health care costs, lack of access, and a pandemic have helped to solidify a belief that health care is, or should be, a right. But this monumental shift from seeing health care as a right rather than a good has failed… Read More
Families want access to public school sports

Public School Sports Access in West Virginia

Private & Homeschool Families Ask About Sports My role as the Education Outreach Coordinator has taken me to many events to promote the Hope Scholarship. I have spoken with families, parents, and children about the program as well as other education related policy issues. During my first event,… Read More
We can find peace by promoting education freedom.

Find Peace in Education Freedom

Over the last 18+ months, we’ve all watched a vast number of changes unfold as it relates to education. Some of these have been troubling, like the widespread turn to remote or virtual schooling as a means of mitigating the spread of COVID. Others have been more hopeful, like the… Read More
health care tour

Why a Health Care Tour?

The Cardinal Institute is about to embark on a multi-town, multi-month barnstorm across West Virginia to discuss healthcare reform. The reasons for the subject matter are obvious, and legion, as the statistics around West Virginia’s healthcare system are sobering. Yet, the options for reform are far… Read More
Overdose Epidemic is out of hand

Overdose Deaths: Blame Government Too, Not Just Pharma

The death of actor Michael K. Williams has brought discussion of the opioid crisis and overdose deaths back to the forefront of many people’s minds. The opioid crisis often fades into the background until a celebrity dies or overdoses. But, I think it’s fair to say that in West… Read More
Nurse Practitioners Need More Freedom

Nurse Practitioners Should Have Greater Freedom

Health & Health Care in West Virginia In 2018, West Virginia ranked highest in the nation for poor physical health, poor mental health, obesity, and heart attacks. Additionally, 10% of our adult residents are likely to be diagnosed with diabetes (the second-highest rate nationwide). 33% of resid… Read More
Lockdowns aren't needed in West Virginia.

No More Lockdowns in West Virginia!

As lawmakers and health professionals’ assess how to handle the Delta variant, it is imperative that they forgo more lockdowns. From the onset of the pandemic, the lockdowns have been to help flatten the curve. However, data and lessons from 2020 demonstrate that the lockdowns’ negative impact outwe… Read More